Opportunities & Persistence

History of the company

Our milestones


CDMA SA was founded in February 2009 by Vittorio Messere and Simon Hani. In the same year, CDMA became a member of the SO-FIT (formerly OAR-G) – Supervisory Organizations for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees. This regulatory body is affiliated to FINMA, the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority.


The firm moves into new offices located at Bd des Philosophes 17, Geneva. During this period of time, the team refines its innovative investment methodology. Clients embrace the new concept.

A capital increase is made, demonstrating the partners’ commitment and long-term vision for the company.
CDMA develops its expertise in investment funds becoming the company’s reference business model.

Private Placement in the ambulatory medical field in Geneva.

As a result of our investments in the Medical area, a co-branding with a group of private clinics in Switzerland was created.

Private Placement in the hotel industry in Switzerland

2021 Today
CDMA is a mature, more diversified and still growing company.

Regulatory environment

Deontology and code of ethics as basic principles
CDMA is an asset management company located in Geneva, Switzerland. As such, our operations are governed by Swiss law.

CDMA is a full member of SO-FIT: the Organisme de Surveillance pour Intermédiaires Financiers & Trustees. This membership allows us to operate as an asset manager in Switzerland..

SO-FIT is affiliated with FINMA: the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

As with any private asset management business, affiliation with a regulatory body such as SO-FIT ensures that our company complies with the relevant regulations, covering :

  • Financial and legal reporting
  • Due diligence before engaging with employees, custodian banks and even clients
  • Audit requirements

For detailed information see the SO-FIT website.

Our mission

Serving our clients.
At CDMA, our goal is to deliver quality services to our clients through cost effectiveness and top performance.

Our investment schemes are tailored to the needs of a diverse client base.

It is through trust, interaction and experience that we position ourselves to serve you best.

Our values

Dedicated service

We offer a personalised “boutique” service, with a rare accessibility and reactivity. For each client, our aim is to build a lasting relationship based on trust and confidence. We are always at your disposal through a reliable and dynamic interaction


In all our operations and business relationships, we adhere to a strict code of ethics. This is a matter of principle that lies at the heart of our values.


At CDMA, you will meet a close-knit team of individuals whose experience fulfilled with cultural and linguistic openness make them unique. It is a company that is 100% owned by independent consultants. As such, there is no conflict of interest, and every client can be assured that the advice given is completely impartial.


Vittorio Messere

Throughout a career spanning twenty years in mainly two different jurisdictions – Switzerland and Ireland – Vittorio has acquired valuable management skills. It is this experience, combined with his language skills and academic background, that enables him to serve his clients with conviction and efficiency.

Some highlights of Vittorio’s career :

  • Asset and wealth management
  • Investment fund management
  • FX trading, by traditional and electronic means
  • Creation and launch of a brokerage firm
  • Electronic trading platforms
  • Marketing and Sales
Prior to founding CDMA, Vittorio honed his skills through a number of professional challenges and accomplishments, including :
  • Establishment and management of a regulated financial services company based in Ireland, which is regulated by IFSRA and MIFID compliant
  • Setting up and managing an online trading desk
  • Launch and management of an investment fund
  • Various positions of responsibility: Board Member, CEO, Marketing Director, Trading Director

Simon Hani

Simon brings added value in many aspects: management skills, multi-cultural and multi-lingual background and experience in the Swiss and Irish jurisdictions. Simon’s knowledge and skills are particularly evident in operations (trading tools, controls, reporting, budgets and analysis) and ethics in financial investments and investment fund management.

Some highlights of Simon’s career :

  • Various positions of responsibility: Operations Director, Board Member
  • FX trading through traditional as well as electronic means and trading of related instruments
  • Marketing of financial instruments and services
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Negotiation with financial regulators and blue chip counterparties
  • Compliance, AML, CTF and MLRO
  • Management of financial service providers (in Switzerland and abroad)


Join our team

If you are interested in joining our dynamic, boutique-sized team, with its unique accessibility and reactivity, do not hesitate to contact us.