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Partnership for Institutional Investors

Get paid for your trade

At CDMA, we have negotiated highly competitive spreads with all our custodians, in particular on the foreign exchange market. We believe in passing on the benefit of our business rebates to our most active clients. In other words, we are committed to sharing part of our earned commissions.

How does it work?

Our Hexagon and Octagon Execution desk clients will receive rebates on a monthly basis in respect of the volume of transactions traded via the trading platform of their choice.

The amount of rebate will depend on the average trading volume and may be adjusted from time to time.

We will repay as much as 25 USD for every Million USD traded during the month, transferred to any bank or broker as requested, or simply to your CDMA execution desk account.

Rebate Example

Client A has a traded volume in the following currency pairs during the month :

EUR USD 50 Mios x 25 USD PER Mios = USD 1250
GBP USD 50 Mios x 25 USD PER Mios = USD 1250

TOTAL due at the end of the month = USD 2500


When you work with CDMA, it’s not just a client relationship, it’s a partnership.