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CDMA Services

Classico Investment Scheme

Our investment schemes are designed with a sound premise:

The freedom for our clients to determine the desired level of capital preservation

We are glad to present the driving facets of our Classico Investment Scheme:





Minimum initial Deposit:


Banks & Brokers:

CHF, USD, EUR 10.000. —

2 working days

FXCM Active Trader, London
Saxo Bank Suisse SA, Zurich
others upon client request

Management Fee:

Performance Fee:


20% - High watermark


Investment Objective & Policies


Expected annual Return: 7 % to 12 %

At CDMA, the investment objective is to generate an absolute return. We trade and invest primarily, but not exclusively, in the most liquid global currencies and commodities such as gold and silver, as well as in any standardised or OTC (over the counter) contracts relating to such currencies and commodities.

In order to achieve absolute return, we favour stable compounded growth rather than erratic out-performance. Your CDMA investment manager has your chosen capital preservation percentage as a primary objective, and applies a rigorous risk management program in order to achieve that goal. Dynamic allocation represents 10% to 20% with limited leverage (1 to 2X).

The investment strategy involves selecting currencies which your CDMA expert believes can benefit from movements in the global currency markets. The investment objective is to gradually generate capital gains with a view to providing investors with an average annual return ranging between 7% and 12%.

Taking into account our specific investment strategies, when you open a CDMA managed account, you can expect a low correlation between your return and performances of bonds and stocks indices.

Asset Allocation Example



Capital preservation:

Historical volatility:

Annual volatility:

80 to 90%



Risk Management Rules:

1) Leverage:
1.00 to 2.00 x

2) Profit Taking and Stop Loss:
Mandatory, always set in trading platforms

3) Trading Frequency:
1 to 2 trades per day on average